5 Features to Look for When Upgrading Your Albany GA AC System

Published on: June 22, 2012

When you are looking to upgrade your air conditioning system, seek out the AC system that will last you through the volatile weather conditions of the southern United States. The weather in the southern U.S. can easily overcome less well-built systems, which ends up requiring a great deal of AC service.

You want a system that is modern and will not force you to keep your air conditioner maintenance man on speed dial. Below are five features to look for when you are upgrading an air conditioning system in a volatile weather environment.


1. Look for an AC service warranty that coincides with the current market.

The warranty on an air conditioning system is one of the most important ways to avoid coming out of pocket for any air conditioner maintenance that may be needed. Most air conditioning systems come with 10 year warranties on the compressor and five year warranties on all other parts.

There are usually a plethora of extended service plans for those who live in extreme conditions, but for the most part, the main warranty should cover all air conditioner maintenance.


2. For your increased comfort, you definitely want an air conditioning system with sound dampening features.

If you have been lucky enough to live with modern air conditioning units your entire life, you may have never known how truly loud they can be. The best built air conditioning systems always come with sound dampening features. These features include vibration isolation, caps to protect the unit from outside weather conditions, and heavy duty wire grids.

One of the most important reasons to get sound dampening for your air conditioning unit is that you will then immediately be able to tell when your unit is in need of air conditioner maintenance, because it will be too loud for even the dampening mechanisms to cover.


3. Look for an air conditioning unit with a scroll compressor.

If your air conditioning unit has a scroll compressor, you will not have to worry as much about noise or air conditioner maintenance, as the scroll compressor is much more efficient than older types of reciprocating compressors. They have fewer parts than the more antiquated types of compressors and therefore, they break down less frequently.

Scroll compressors are also more efficient and use less energy than their older counterparts. Because of this, you will save money on your monthly bills as well as on your AC service needs. Compressors that use less energy last longer and are less likely to break down unexpectedly.


4. If you have a choice, compare the costs of air conditioning units with high SEER specifications to those without.

The main difference between air conditioners that have high SEER ratings and those without is that the high spec air conditioners will save you much more money in the long run. If you can afford an air conditioner with these high SEER specifications, it is more likely to last longer, save you the money on service and repair calls, and save money on your monthly energy bill as well.


5. Consider the differences between a one and two stage air conditioner.

Although two stage air conditioners are more expensive than one stage air conditioners, they are much more comfortable. The main difference in design is that a two stage air conditioner uses to fans and compressors in order to heat and cool. Although they will cost around 20 to 30% more than a single stage air conditioner, they last a great deal longer because the parts aren’t under as much stress. This will save you a great deal of money on air conditioning maintenance and on energy bills as well. If you can afford the higher upfront cost of a two stage air conditioner, you will definitely reap the benefits.