Beware of These Problems with Your HVAC System in Albany

Published on: October 12, 2012

Keeping your home warm during the winter and cool during the summer is an essential part of keeping your Albany GA home comfortable. Therefore, it is important that your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system runs efficiently and without problems. However, since your HVAC system is complex and it has a number of different parts and units involved in it, there are a number of different ways that it can develop problems. When issues develop within your heating and cooling equipment, problems usually spread to different parts of your HVAC system.

To ensure that problems are taken care of before they become expensive and cause trouble for other areas of your heater or air conditioner, it is helpful to know the symptoms that indicate trouble. By knowing what to look for, you can have a repair service for HVAC systems in Albany, GA look at your equipment proactively, which can keep your repair and maintenance costs down while also keeping your heating and cooling costs under control. Here are some of the most common issues that can develop and what to look for.


Ductwork Leaks and Clogs

Your ductwork is an enormous part of your HVAC system, and ductwork issues can lead to problems with poor indoor air quality and inefficient and uneven heating and cooling. Ductwork is a series of vents that carry cooled and heated air and from your AC and heater and deliver it to different areas throughout your home. They can develop leaks and clogs that allow air to flow in and out of them, making your heating and cooling systems work harder to replace conditioned air that is escaping.

Additionally, when leaks develop, debris from outside can also enter your vents. This leads to clogs and lowered indoor air quality as airborne particles are blown out of vents into your home. Clogs can keep air from flowing to all of the rooms in your house, creating issues with uneven cooling and heating from your HVAC system. When your ducts are leaking or clogged, you will often notice that certain rooms in your home are warmer or cooler than others, and you may also discover that there is less air blowing out of certain vents in your home. Since these issues only get worse over time, it is important that you have repair and maintenance services for HVAC systems in Albany inspect your ducts regularly.


Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is becoming an increasing concern as recent studies show that poor indoor air quality can lead to a number of respiratory and pulmonary problems. In addition to lower indoor air quality due to dirty and clogged ducts, your air quality can suffer if your vents need cleaning or if your air filters are not replaced regularly or of sufficient quality. When your vents are dirty, dust and particles on them are blown into the air in your home when your heater or air conditioning system is running.

Additionally, it is important that you have the right types of air filters and that they are changed regularly. There are different levels filtration that are available, and low level filters are not able to remove pollen, allergens and other smaller debris from the air, which can increase allergy and asthma symptoms. To find out the best filters for your system, it is a good idea to contact a Carrier factory authorized dealer because they will be the most familiar with your heating and cooling equipment.


Inefficient Heating and Cooling

It is normal for your heating and cooling needs to fluctuate throughout the year, but if the power bill for your Albany GA home stays consistently or abnormally high, no matter what the outside temperature is, it is a sign of problems with your HVAC system. When your home’s heating and cooling services are not working correctly, for whatever reason, your system will still attempt to keep your home at the temperature you have set on your thermostat. This generally leads to your compressor running constantly, which puts undue stress on your equipment and increases your energy consumption.

There are a wide array of reasons that your heating or cooling system could be struggling, including insufficient coolant or heating fuel, blocked ducts or problems with your air handler. Whatever the problem, you can quickly determine that issues are developing if you track the costs of heating and cooling your home and look for consistent increases that do not correspond to the weather. This will allow you to contact a repair service for HVAC systems in Albany to identify and resolve the problem quickly and efficiently.