Let the Pros Diagnose Your Heating System in Tifton

Published on: November 30, 2012

Winter is slowly creeping its way to Tifton GA. Homeowners will be turning on their heaters for the first time in nearly a year, if they have not already. Many will discover their heating system in Tifton is not working as it should. There are a number of electrical and mechanical components within a heating system. These components work in conjunction to allow a home heating system to work effectively and efficiently. A homeowner who discovers an issue with their heating will need to call a professional service company to diagnose the issue.

Programmable Thermostat
A programmable thermostat allows a homeowner to configure the thermostat to only turn on at certain times during the day. A programmable thermostat in Tifton GA will potentially experience a few problems. A malfunctioning digital display or timing feature is a common problem. A professional heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) technician will easily diagnose and correct these problems.

Zoned Rooms
Some homeowners have zoned room heating systems in Tifton. A zoned heating system allows every room to have a separate thermostat and temperature. A furnace will run until each room obtains the desired temperature. If one room is set at 69 degrees and one is set to 72 degrees, the system will turn off in the 69 degree room first. This type of zoning system may fail, and a HVAC technician will need to diagnose and remedy the problem.

Air Filter Issues
Every heating system in Tifton has an air filter. An air filter helps to remove unwanted particles from the home’s air. An air filter needs cleaning once a month while the heater is being actively used. Homeowners need to replace the air filter before the cold season begins to ensure proper air flow. A clogged or filthy air filter will result in the heater running too long and working too hard, which will result in an increased utility bill. Changing or cleaning an air filter is a simple process. A homeowner can change the filter or call a HVAC technician to change it for them.

Heater Fan Blowing Too Much
A homeowner whose fan blows too long or continually switches on and off will need a HVAC technician. This problem is usually related to a fan limit control switch being faulty. Another possible issue is a defective blower fan. A HVAC technician will be able to diagnose the problem and correct the issue.

Rooms Are Not Evenly Heated
There are many reasons a heating system in Tifton does not evenly heat every room. The furnace could be old and needs to be replaced. The average furnace has a lifespan of approximately 15 years. As a furnace ages, it works less efficiently. A common cause of unevenly heated rooms is the vents. A vent in a room could be partially closed resulting in a colder than necessary room. A homeowner should first check to ensure that all the vents are fully opened. If that does not correct the issue, a HVAC technician will need to be called.

Leaky Duct Work
Ducts are used in a heating system to force the air through the vents and into the various rooms of a house. Duct work that is faulty will release the warmed air into the attic or outside. Duct work that has a leak will cause the heater to work harder and longer resulting in increased energy bills. The best course of action for a homeowner with leaking ducts is to have a HVAC technician repair the leaks.

Higher Than Normal Heating Bills
A homeowner who starts receiving higher than normal heating bills will wonder why. Energy bills will rise due to a number of possible issues. A system that is older will be less energy efficient than a new furnace. The efficiency of a furnace decreases with age resulting in increased costs. Professional HVAC technicians are able to perform an energy evaluation of a home to determine the cause of the rising energy bills.

Annual Maintenance
Every homeowner needs to have annual maintenance performed on their heater. A professional HVAC technician will inspect the entire system, perform necessary maintenance and will adjust everything to the proper settings. The benefits of annual maintenance result in locating an issue before a bigger problem occurs. Regular maintenance allows the entire system to work at peak performance.

What Professionals Should Diagnose a System
Homeowners need to consider hiring a Carrier factory authorized dealer. A certified Carrier dealer has earned their certification through advanced training approved by Carrier. The only HVAC dealers who are awarded this distinction have to be approved by Carrier first. A homeowner who contracts with a Carrier factory authorized dealer will know their heater is being professionally and expertly repaired.

Is A Bigger Heating System Better
Many homeowners believe that a bigger system is better than a smaller one. This is a misnomer. A larger system will heat a home more quickly, but it uses more energy resulting in higher utility bills. Many homes will not have the necessary duct system to support a larger heater. A large system will run in quick short spurts but will run more often. A heater that runs in longer and less frequent cycles will last longer and operate more efficiently within a home. A HVAC technician will be able to correctly measure the home for a new system that is both functional and efficient.