Let Us Diagnose Furnace Repairs in Albany

Published on: December 14, 2012

It’s natural to feel a bit of apprehension when your furnace falters or fails. Fears of costly furnace repairs can loom large in your mind. It’s to your best advantage, however, to attend to heating problems promptly. A faulty furnace won’t operate at peak energy efficiency and that can send your monthly fuel and energy bills skyrocketing. When your heating system isn’t delivering the level of comfort that you want for your family, the solution may be more affordable than you may think. Our HVAC technicians aren’t just experts at making a prompt diagnosis. They’re equally adept at finding the most cost-effective solutions.

Common Heating Problems

Poor performance is often the first indication that furnace repairs are needed. You may find yourself raising the setting on your thermostat higher than usual or may notice that the heating system is running more frequently than it normally does. When these changes occur slowly, you may not suspect that there’s a problem until the monthly energy bill arrives. Higher-than-normal energy bills mean that faulty components in your heating system are wasting power and your hard-earned money too.

There are a few simple steps that you can take yourself to address heating problems, such as replacing the system’s air filter, checking for tripped circuit breakers or changing the batteries in an electronic thermostat. Other problems require the expertise of qualified professionals. Unusual noises coming from your furnace, for example, can have multiple causes, from a loose fan belt to a faulty ignition system.

Safety Concerns

Whether your furnace is powered by gas or by oil, the system generates heat by burning a mixture of air and fuel. During the combustion process, substances like soot are produced that can corrode parts and lead to dangerous leaks of harmful byproducts such as carbon monoxide. In a well-operating furnace system, these byproducts are vented outside of your home through a flue or chimney. Obstructions and leaks in the flue systems can cause the harmful substances to back draft or leak into your home, posing real health dangers to you and your family.

Your Local HVAC Experts

With years of experience installing, repairing and servicing furnaces, our certified technicians are some of the best in the business. Because we’re familiar with the heating demands of homes in your neighborhood, we provide furnace repairs in Albany that ensure your family will stay comfy and warm even on the coldest Albany night. We know what kinds of furnace repairs will be most effective in meeting the challenges of local weather conditions and which repairs will offer you the best long-term savings.

Effective Furnace Diagnostics

A good HVAC technician can locate and repair a single faulty part. A great HVAC technician takes the time to inspect all the equipment before making a diagnosis. The last thing that you want is for one furnace repair to lead to another. Our professional technicians can conduct industry-standard tests to ensure that your furnace is operating at peak energy efficiency. A simple adjustment on the flue pipe’s barometric damper, for example, can correct a flue system that’s drawing too much air and wasting fuel.

Repair or Replace?

A common dilemma that faces homeowners with faulty or broken furnaces is whether to repair or replace the system. Our expert diagnosticians can help you make the most cost-effective choice. We can give you an honest and accurate estimate for repairs and can perform a cost analysis comparison with a new furnace installation too. If your furnace is more than ten years old, replacement can be a viable option. You may discover that the savings that you’ll receive with a modern energy-efficient model outweigh costly repairs on your existing system, particularly when key furnace components like control modules or heat exchangers fail.

Furnaces require regular maintenance to keep them safe and running at optimal energy efficiency. The simplest way to prevent future heating problems is to make arrangements for preventative maintenance services. Seasonal maintenance programs offer a convenient and affordable way to make sure that your furnace is getting the attention it needs to run efficiently, last longer and require fewer repairs. Preventative maintenance lets you take a proactive approach to ensuring that your home stays comfortably warm for many cold seasons to come.