How Moisture Can Damage Your AC System

Published on: May 16, 2012

Moisture can cause serious damage to your air conditioning system in Tifton, GA. Regular air conditioning service can prevent problems from occurring. Your local air conditioning company can maintain all parts of your system on a routine and annual basis. It is important that you understand the different parts of your air conditioning system.

The first way to avoid moisture problems is to have annual air duct cleaning performed by a licensed air conditioning service. Inside the attic, the ducts will be inspected for leaks. Any leaks will be repaired and any missing or torn insulation will be taken care of. The technician will clean the inside of the ducts in the attics and the walls with a mechanized brush. A powerful vacuum will clean the debris out of the system. He or she will then coat the inside of the ducts with a sealer that will prevent mold and bacterial growth.

In addition to air duct cleaning, the air conditioning service will ensure the entire ducting system has adequate insulation. This prevents condensation from forming on the aluminum and dripping into the insulation below. This moisture encourages mold growth in the attic, rot in the rafters and can delaminate the roof decking. The ducts will be thoroughly inspected during annual air duct cleaning.

Inside the air conditioning unit, regular maintenance will prevent moisture problems. If your drain has no access port, have your local air conditioning service install one. This can be done while the service is conducting your air duct cleaning. Every month, pour a cup of bleach down the drain to kill mold and algae. This keeps water from backing up into the system and into the house.

Cleaning or changing the filter every month keeps contaminants from interfering with the evaporator coils. These must be clean in order to dehumidify the air properly and drain the moisture to the outside. If the coils are covered with contaminants, moisture would be sent into the ducts. It could also leak over the drain pan and into the working components of the blower.

Keeping the outside condensing unit clear of debris and cleaning the drain pan is also important to prevent moisture damage to your system. In Tifton, GA, your air conditioning service can perform air duct cleaning and other repairs as necessary to keep your unit working at its best.