Look for Low Cost Furnace Installation in Albany

Published on: October 26, 2012

If your furnace breaks down in the middle of a cold night in Albany GA, you may be happy to hire the first furnace repair company that will provide you with same-day service. However, when you are ready to perform a complete furnace installation in Albany, you will be purchasing expensive equipment and hiring a contractor to do the work. You need to find a low cost furnace installation contractor that meets several minimum requirements.

To find a good company that will perform low cost furnace installation in Albany, you should basically perform an interview process to select the right contractor. Conduct the interview process by focusing on a few key questions. Interviewing furnace installation contractors will not be all that time consuming and, in the long run, you may save yourself hundreds of dollars and a lot of grief by spending the time to screen companies up front.

Low cost HVAC installation will require a company that will not only provide you with a reasonable rate, but one that will also be mindful of your budget when help you select your equipment. When you interview potential furnace installation companies, a wise idea is to work your need to control costs into the conversation. You might say, “I have a strict budget for my equipment purchase. How can your company help me select a furnace that will be cost effective, yet will be one that is reliable?” This will convey to the prospective company that you have a limited budget and you would like to explore cost-effective alternatives.

Additional factors you need to consider when interviewing contractors for furnace installation include:

– Is the contractor insured, licensed and bonded?

Most municipalities regulate HVAC contracting companies, requiring them to be licensed and bonded in order to do business in the area. Many municipalities require HVAC contractors to carry a minimum amount of insurance, as well. In order for the contractor to remain in good standing, they must regularly renew their license and bond, and must keep their insurance current. You can verify the license status of any HVAC contractor by looking up their license number in a national database called the National Contractor License Service at http://www.clsi.com/state_contractor_license_board.htm. Obtain the license number from a prospective furnace installation contractor and verify that the license is in good standing.

Insurance is important for a contractor. Insurance covers the cost of damages to your property should the installation technician damage any of your property during the job. However, insurance is also important to cover the installer in case of injury. Always make sure that any contracting company that you hire to perform work on your property carries insurance.

– Will the company provide customer references and testimonials?

Any company with a stellar reputation will be more than willing to provide potential customers with verifiable references. Ask each contractor you are considering for furnace installation in Albany to provide you with a list of references. Take a few minutes and verify a few of the references, once you have the list in-hand. Many times, speaking with a previous client will shed extra light on why you should or should not hire a particular contractor. Take the time to check the contractor’s references.

Many Albany GA companies also post testimonials on their website. You may want to take a look at a few of the posted testimonials on their site. However, you will gain much more information by speaking directly with one or more of the contractor’s customer references.

– Obtain written estimates.

Because furnace installation is a major investment, you should obtain a few written estimates from various contracting companies. If you are searching for the contractor that will provide you with the best price for the job, obtaining written estimates is the key. Written estimates for an HVAC installation job may vary by a wide margin. The variation may be due to the brand and type of equipment the contractor quotes for the job. Variations may also be the result of a difference in the labor charge.

Written estimates not only provide you with a verifiable quote from each contractor, but they also give you leverage when negotiating for a better price. If one contractor proposes a brand of equipment that you prefer, yet the bid is much higher than the other estimates, you can show the estimator your quotes in writing. Many times, the contractor will find a way to offer you a better price for the job.

– Ask about service contracts and warranty work.

In most cases, the contractor that installs the equipment will be the company you will call if you need warranty work. Be sure that the company you select will provide you with emergency service calls, if needed. Additionally, when you perform an HVAC equipment installation, you may be required to have preventative maintenance checks performed on a regular basis to keep your warranty active. Most HVAC companies offer some kind of arrangement for regular maintenance. Often, companies will offer service contracts. These contracts provide a regular maintenance schedule to make sure your equipment stays within the requirements of the warranty. Because your furnace equipment is such a major investment, consider purchasing a service agreement to ensure that you keep your warranty active. In addition, regular maintenance will keep your system performing at its best and make sure that the furnace is energy efficient.