Passive Dehumidification and Its Benefits for Your Albany Home

Published on: May 2, 2012

Your Albany, GA, home has an air conditioning system that works hard to cool the air and remove humidity. Some summer days are more humid than others. On those days, the system works harder and uses more energy. The energy bill is higher, prompting many people to purchase additional items to dehumidify the air. Some over- the- counter systems consist of silica gel poured into a basket that is suspended in a bucket. This bucket must be emptied on a regular basis. The silica gel must be refilled daily. The expense can be higher than the cost of a portable dehumidifier, which also adds to the energy bill. The gel and the water removed from the air are both poisonous to pets and children.


Heat pipe technology uses passive dehumidification to remove excess moisture from the air. This air conditioning system removes far more humidity than a conventional model. One of the most beneficial advantages to this system is the fact that no additional energy is used in the process. This saves money on heating and cooling costs. A humid room feels warmer, so the homeowner sets the air conditioning system to a colder temperature than necessary. This also uses more energy and runs up the utility bill.


Heat pipe technology in an air conditioning system has two main parts. The first part is called the pre-cool pipe, or pre-cool pipes. Air is pulled through the filter into the system and over the pipes. These pipes are filled with a refrigerant that absorbs heat from the air. As the refrigerant heats up, condensation forms. The heat is sent to the second part of the system and stored. It will be used again.


From the pre-cool pipes, the cooled air moves to the coils. These further cool the air, which creates more condensation. The air temperature has now been dropped way below a comfortable temperature. For it to be returned to the house, it must now be reheated.

The cold air leaves the coils and flows over the reheating pipes in the second part of the heat pipe system. Heat from the warm refrigerant moves into the cold air and raises the temperature. More condensation is created as additional moisture is drawn from the air before it is sent into the house.


The condensation drains to the outside through the drain pipe. Since more condensation drains from heat pipe technology than in a conventional air conditioning system, care of the pipe is essential. Pour a cup of bleach into the pipe once a month. This keeps the pipe clear by killing algae and mold.

Caring for the ducting system is also essential. Leaks in the ducts allow humid air to enter the system, reducing its effectiveness. The system has to work harder, using more energy to compensate for the loss of heated or cooled air.


Your air conditioning system will operate more efficiently and provide healthier, more comfortable air for you and your family. A lower energy bill is only one of the benefits. Those with respiratory problems will be more comfortable with lower humidity levels. Mold growth will be reduced or eliminated in the house.


Over time, the savings from the energy bill will pay for the system. Your Albany, GA, home will be healthier, more comfortable and energy efficient.