Potential Problems with Heating and Cooling in Albany

Published on: October 12, 2012

If you are like a lot of people, you probably just set your thermostat and forget all about your heating and cooling system. However, there are a lot of things that can go wrong with your system if you do not keep up with your routine maintenance. Since you certainly don’t want to be left without heat or air conditioning at the wrong time, it is essential that you realize all of the things that could go wrong with your system if you aren’t careful. For best results, you should consider hiring a technician who is experienced in heating and cooling in Albany to take a look at your heating and cooling system and to provide you with routine maintenance. Doing so can help to prevent unexpected surprises and can help you to keep your heating and cooling system in pristine condition.

Dirty or Damaged Coils
Your heat pump has two coils; one is indoors and one is outside. These coils work together to transfer warm or cold air in order to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. If your coils are not kept clean, you could run into issues with your heating and cooling system. For instance, dirty coils can cause your system to freeze. This can cause it to quit working, and it could take hours for your unit to defrost. Even after the frozen water has melted, you will deal with a continuous issue if you do not have your coils cleaned or replaced. Not only could the system quit working, but it could also start working less efficiently, which will make your home uncomfortable and can cause your electric bills to rise.

If you are having an issue with dirty coils in Albany GA or have never cleaned your coils before, you should contact a specialist who is experienced in working on systems for heating and cooling in Albany. An experienced technician in the Albany GA area can clean your coils quickly and easily.

A technician can also check for damaged coils. It is easy for coils to be damaged outdoors, such as with a lawnmower, but a damaged coil can cause a refrigerant leak that can cause issues for your heating and cooling system. It is also a good idea to replace your indoor coil on a regular basis, and an experienced technician can help by replacing it for you.

Low Refrigerant Levels
In order to work effectively and efficiently, your heat pump must have a certain amount of coolant in it. If you purchased a pre-charged heat pump, there is a possibility that your pump might not have the proper amount of coolant that it needs in order to work effectively. If you are concerned about the refrigerant level in your heat pump or if you aren’t sure if it needs coolant or not, you should contact a technician who offers services related to heating and cooling in Albany.

Air Flow Issues
It is essential for your air ducts to be properly sealed and clean in order for your system to run effectively. Air ducts can get dirty and clogged, and ducts that are not well-sealed and insulated can leak air. Since even the smallest amount of leaked air can drastically reduce the heating and cooling capacities of your heating and air conditioning system, it is important to have your duct work cleaned and examined on a regular basis.

Overflow Switch Issues
One common sign of an overflow switch that is not working correctly is an overflowing drain pan. If you have noticed that your drain pan is overflowing, it is best to turn off your system and to contact an experienced technician for assistance.

Dirty Filters
Many people do not realize just how important it is to change their filters on a regular basis. However, failing to do so can reduce the amount of air that flows through your home. This can not only cause your home to be at an uncomfortable temperature, but it can also cause other issues with your system. Your family could also be inhaling a lot of dirt, dust and other pollutants if your heat or air is running through a dirty filter, so it is essential to change all of your filters regularly. Filters are inexpensive and can be quickly installed, so it is important to remember to check and change them.

System Never Cools Home to Set Temperature
If you have set your thermostat to a specific temperature but have noticed that your home never gets to this temperature, you may have thermostat issues. These issues can sometimes be easily fixed by shielding the thermostat from the sun, but it is often best to contact a professional if the problem persists.

Indoor Water Leak from Unit
If your indoor unit is leaking water inside your home, you have some sort of issue with your unit. Sometimes these issues are not major, but they can sometimes cause major problems. Dirty coils can cause these issues, but other problems can occur as well. An experienced technician can help to address the problem.

A Unit That Never Turns Off
In some cases, units run constantly. Not only can this cause damage to your system, but it can leave you with a high utility bill and an uncomfortable home. This is sometimes caused by a unit that is too small for the house, but other issues with the unit can cause these problems as well. A technician who specializes in working on heating and air conditioning systems can typically find and fix the source of the problem.