There is Such a Thing as an Affordable Heating Contractor in Albany

Published on: November 16, 2012

You may wonder if there is such a thing as an affordable heating contractor in Albany. It’s easy to become suspicious of all contractors if you’ve ever had a bad experience. When your heating system malfunctions, you can find yourself faced with a competitive environment due to high demand in the industry. Finding a good heating contractor who won’t overcharge is challenging, and there are some important factors to keep in mind as you look for the right company to perform your work.


Reputation of Your Albany GA Heating Contractor

You may be tempted to look only for low prices in the industry as you seek a repair company. This seems sensible, but some of the cheaper Albany GA companies may not be properly trained to service your particular system. Choosing a general contractor to service your heating system may lead to further problems if that contractor isn’t proficient in HVAC service. While there are some heating contractor choices that are adept in HVAC repair, it’s important to be sure of the qualifications and reputation of a company before you commit to using their services.

You can use online review sites and organizations like the Better Business Bureau to weed out companies with records of poor service or bad business practices. You can also investigate through state licensing agencies to make sure that the company you are considering is compliant with state regulations governing the work of contractors.


Check Your Warranty Information Before Hiring a Heating Contractor in Albany

It’s easy to just start working your way through a heating contractor directory to find someone affordable. However, if you don’t examine your warranty first, you may be costing yourself unnecessary money. Older systems may be out of warranty, but some warranties have longer durations than you might expect. Examine your system paperwork first. Find out if the warranty is still in effect. If this is the case, you may find that part or all of your heating repair costs will be covered. It’s important to select a heating contractor in Albany who is authorized to service your unit. The savings may surprise you.

If you are new to your home, consider whether there is a home warranty in place. This is a popular add-on when purchasing a home, especially if it’s an older home with old equipment. Your heating system may be covered by your home warranty, and you need to follow the protocol of the provider in obtaining service. Such protection plans often allow for repair or replacement of essential systems like your heater while only requiring that you pay a small deductible. This is much more affordable than ignoring your warranty and paying full costs for a heating company to repair or replace your system.


Look for Rebates and Coupons from Your Heating Contractor

Companies that work with specific brands of heating and cooling equipment often have information about special discounts available from the companies represented. It’s also possible to get information about local initiatives and national incentives for upgrading your home heating and cooling equipment with more energy-efficient options. Your contractor can apprise you of specific deals that are available and help you evaluate your options in light of your household and budget needs.


Timing Can Affect Your Heating Repair Costs

Having a system failure during a high-demand time of the winter can create a scenario in which your repair costs will be elevated. After hours and weekend service can be especially costly. If temperatures aren’t severe, it may be worthwhile to schedule a weekday repair time. You must balance the cost of emergency repairs with the potential cost for missing work or for renting a motel room until the heating unit can be repaired. It’s common for there to be a surge of service calls when the cold weather first sets in as vulnerable units are turned on for the first time in months. It’s also common for service demand to rise when there is a severe cold snap or winter storm.


Preventive Measures Can Lower Your HVAC Repair Costs

Taking time to maintain your system can help reduce your risk of a heater malfunction. It’s easy to change a filter, but many people neglect this simple task and place extra stress on their systems. By the middle of October, you should check your filter for mold and dirt, replacing it if necessary. Some people find that it’s best to just install a new filter at that point regardless of the condition of the old one. Take time to check your thermostat as well. Make sure that your system turns on and produces hot air. Double check the airflow in each room so that you are sure of consistency. Enlist the help of a heating contractor if you encounter mold, poor air circulation, lack of heat, or strange noises and smells. These are issues that can affect your family’s health, budget, and comfort. Remedying the situation immediately will ensure that you don’t face the first cold days of the year without heat.


A system malfunction isn’t convenient, but planning and preparing can help you in limiting your costs. While contractor charges are important, it’s also helpful to be educated about your system and your warranty so that you can avoid unnecessary expenses. Work with a reputable company so that your service won’t lead to further problems and more costly repair needs.