Why it’s Important to Get Furnace Repair in Tifton

Published on: November 30, 2012

Homeowners are not blind to the fact that regular maintenance is imperative to keeping their home in good condition, and prevention is the key to avoiding problems before they begin. Furnace maintenance and repair falls under that umbrella and is vital for home comfort in Tifton GA.

Reasons to Have Annual Maintenance and Furnace Repair in Tifton
Homeowners who have annual maintenance and furnace repair performed will increase the efficiency of their heating system. How does it help? A furnace sucks air through a filter and passes it to the vents to heat each room in a home. Filters will become clogged or dirty with regular furnace use. A dirty or obstructed filter will result in a furnace having to work harder to achieve the same heat. This will result in lower furnace efficiency and higher energy bills.

Annual furnace repair and maintenance allow your system to work effortlessly. When you have a furnace repair in Tifton, the technician will check all of the parts and components of your furnace to ensure they are working at optimum efficiency.

Furnace repair and maintenance will safeguard your family’s health. A neglected furnace in Tifton GA may release harmful particles into the home’s air. These particles have the potential of aggravating or causing respiratory problems for your family. A well maintained system will only release clean air and that will keep your family safe.

Annual furnace repair and maintenance offers you a peace of mind that your system will work properly through the entire winter. One benefit of routine maintenance is that a technician will be able to locate any potential issues before they become more serious. Homeowners who have routine maintenance performed on their systems are less likely to have a problem with their system during extreme weather. A service technician will adjust and tune the thermostat of the furnace during a maintenance check. This adjustment will help to keep your home properly warmed and efficient.

Furnace maintenance has the potential to save the life of your family. Your furnace releases carbon monoxide as part of the heating process. The carbon monoxide is released outdoors via an exhaust system. If this exhaust system is not working properly, your home will become saturated with deadly gas. A furnace technician will test your system for carbon monoxide leaks during their maintenance check.

Best Time for Maintenance and Furnace Repair in Tifton
The ideal time to have your furnace serviced is before cold weather begins, or if your furnace has any of the following issues:

  • The furnace is more than 10 years old. Older furnaces are only 60 percent efficient. You may consider replacing an old furnace for a new high efficiency one that boasts up to 96 percent efficiency.
  • You are experiencing higher than normal utility bills. Inefficiency of a furnace will result in wasted money and energy.
  • Your family members have respiratory issues. A furnace check will locate any problems with the air in your home. Mold and other toxic particles are easily spread through the vents. A service technician will be able to remedy this harmful situation.
  • The furnace is turning on and off too often. This may be the result of a blower or thermostat issue.
  • There is excess moisture around your furnace. This has the potential of resulting in mold growth.
  • Your blower is continually running. This indicates a bad switch that needs to be repaired or replaced.
  • Your furnace is excessively noisy. This is an indication of a belt slipping, dirty burners or a shaft that needs oiling. Any unusual noises need to be checked and repaired.
  • Scale becomes noticeable. Scale is a term for rust flakes that are generated by the use of your furnace. It has the potential to cause serious issues and needs to be remedied immediately.
  • The flame on your furnace is yellow. The flame should be blue and stable. A yellow flame is an indication of a dirty burner that is not allowing the air and gas to mix properly.
  • A dusty smell is coming from your furnace. This may be a result of a few issues. A smell of dust after turning on your heater is the result of dust burning off from the chamber of the furnace. This indicates that your air filter needs to be cleaned or changed. If you consistently smell dust, a furnace repair is necessary.

Negative pressure is caused by the removal of air from your home faster than it is able to enter your home. Negative pressure stops the venting process and needs to be repaired by a furnace technician.

How to Prevent Potential Issues with Your Furnace

  • Maintain a clean space around the furnace.
  • Do not place any items near the furnace that may obstruct venting.
  • Make sure that the furnace burner is kept clean.
  • Do not place any flammable materials with one foot of your vent pipe.
  • Hire a service technician to lubricate bearings and motors once a year.
  • Do not place any flammable items near your furnace.
  • If you close registers, make sure that at least 80 percent of them are still open. An excessive amount of closed registers will result in excessive heat being built up in your furnace.

The safety and well being of your family and home is essential. Regular maintenance and repair of your furnace ensures an energy efficient home that is properly warmed and safe.