Stop Spending Too Much on These 4 HVAC Concerns

Published on: September 28, 2017
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As a Mobile, Alabama, homeowner, you rely on your HVAC system to keep your family comfortable all year round. If you aren’t careful, though, you can spend way too much on your HVAC without getting much in return. Looking for a few easy ways to cut your household expenses? From frequent system repairs to unpleasant odors, stop spending too much on these four HVAC concerns.

Frequent HVAC Repairs

When life really gets busy and your HVAC system seems to break down every other week, you might not have time to think through a long-term plan. Instead, you might call for emergency repairs at the first sign of a problem, figuring that you don’t have any other choice. After all, you want your family to feel cool and comfortable, so what else can you do?

At AC Southeast®, we know that HVAC repairs can be overwhelming, especially when you get the bill. What you might not realize, though, is that preventive maintenance can preemptively address common repair issues at a fraction of the cost. We recommend scheduling an air conditioner tuneup at least once a year, as early in the season as possible, so our technicians can find and assess any potential performance issues before they cause frequent or expensive breakdowns.

Excessive Heating and Cooling

It happens to every homeowner at some point. You notice that your home doesn’t feel as cool as it should, so you turn down the thermostat without a second thought. When it happens again, you just keep adjusting the thermostat till you feel comfortable. Using more electricity to cool your home gets expensive quickly, but what choice do you have?

For many Mobile homeowners, the real problem isn’t your air conditioner. Instead, your home or even your HVAC system could be wasting energy. To give your air conditioner a break and reduce your household energy usage, our team recommends starting with a home energy assessment. This will help determine whether cool air is escaping through your doors, windows, or attic or if your HVAC system’s ductwork is the real problem. Either way, you’ll learn effective and inexpensive ways to seal your home to prevent those excessive heating and cooling costs.

Constant Thermostat Adjustments

Whether your family constantly wages thermostat battles or you often adjust the temperature for optimal comfort, you might not realize how expensive your habits are. If you turn up the temperature when you think of it, how much could you possibly be driving up your HVAC costs? Our team has seen firsthand just how costly thermostat adjustments are. Not only does this practice waste energy throughout the day, but it also generates unnecessary wear and tear on your air conditioner.

That’s why we recommend investing in a smart thermostat, which you can program for optimal comfort and cost savings. When you set a smart thermostat properly, your home feels nice and comfortable when you need it to, but the device also dials back the temperature to save energy when possible. Since you can log in to the device from your smartphone, you can check its status, review energy reports, and confirm settings from almost anywhere.

Unpleasant Odors

No one wants to endure persistent odors indoors, but that doesn’t mean you should spend money on air fresheners or waste time cleaning the house constantly. Instead, focus on the HVAC system. Start by changing the air filter, and make a point of replacing the filter every one to three months.

If that doesn’t clear the air, talk with our team about HVAC add-ons. Whole-house air purifiers can remove pollutants from your entire home’s air supply, addressing nasty indoor air quality issues and helping your family breathe cleaner air. These cost-effective devices can also help keep your family healthy year round, thanks to their germ capturing capabilities.

Any of these concerns can make your household expenses spiral out of control. With effective solutions in place, however, you can get a handle on your costs while keeping your family comfortable. Call AC Southeast® for all your air conditioning and indoor air quality needs at 251-300-5850.