When was Air Conditioning Invented?

Published on: April 8, 2013

Like any other invention, the evolution of air conditioning was a result of society’s desire to solve problems. The ancient Egyptians introduced the basic concepts of air conditioning to cool the warm and uncomfortable temperatures that were prevalent in Egypt. Apparatuses consisted of reeds hung in windows with running water to cool the indoor air. Although primitive, the evaporation of water cooled the air that was blown through the windows. The ancient Romans used water from the aqueducts to cool the air. The aqueduct systems were developed to circulate through the walls. The medieval Persians used wind towers and cisterns to cool structures during the warmer seasons. However, today’s technology in HVAC was highly influenced from an inventor named Willis Haviland Carrier.

The History of Air Conditioning

If you’re wondering when was air conditioning invented, Carrier invented the first large electric air conditioner in 1911. His original air conditioner was designed to improve the manufacturing process in a printing company known as Sackett-Wilhelms Lithographing and Publishing. Carrier’s technology had the ability to cool temperatures and control humidity via the use of chilled coils. Later, his technology was used in the workplace to increase productivity. To meet demand, Carrier established the Carrier Air Conditioning Company of America. In the next few years, residential air conditioning became the mainstay and was popular throughout the 1920s. By the early 1950s, the demand for air conditioning greatly increased, and the use of air conditioning expanded to automobiles. In the mid-1950s, over a million home air-conditioning units were being sold each year. Having an air conditioner was not only for indoor comfort, it was a way to keep up with the Joneses.

Since the 1950s, air conditioning systems have constantly evolved. Window units in the 1970s gave rise to central air conditioning. These units comprised of an outside condenser, fans and coils, and Freon-12 was the standard refrigerant. By the 1990s, Freon was discovered to contribute to ozone depletion and was banned. By 1996, Freon was replaced by a less harmful cooling refrigerant known as R134a. As of this year, Puron will be the mandated eco-friendly refrigerant.

With a focus on going green, today’s air conditioning systems are engineered to be eco-friendly and consume less energy. Modern systems are built with advanced compressor technology and use only the minimal amount of energy required for set temperature. There are even two-stage air conditioners that use less energy. Consumers also use advanced digital thermostats to control the home’s indoor temperature to reduce energy consumption. Consumers are also concerned with improving indoor air quality, and manufactures are providing sophisticated air filtration systems to remove allergens, bacteria, viruses and other home pollutants. Today, consumers can expect air conditioners that are eco-friendly, energy efficient and create a healthier indoor environment.

Air Conditioning Service

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New Air Conditioning Units

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