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How to Prevent Emergency AC Repair

The hot, humid summer weather in Birmingham, Alabama, can make you feel miserable, especially if your air conditioner breaks down. Without expensive emergency repairs, infants and elderly people could even risk heatstroke. You can avoid inconvenient breakdowns and save money on your utility bills by taking good care of your HVAC system. Prevent emergency repairs by changing your air filter regularly, cleaning your outdoor unit, and having your system maintained by a professional.

How to Keep Your Baby Comfortable

A baby can't tell you when they are uncomfortable, but your little one can keep you awake all night with crying. Keeping infants comfortable and quiet in summer is difficult in Montgomery, Alabama's hot, humid climate, but it's important for keeping babies healthy. Overheating is connected to sudden infant death syndrome, or SIDS. You can keep your baby comfortable by giving baths often, using an air purifier, and staying indoors in hot weather.

4 Reasons Your Air Conditioner Keeps Shutting Off

Our Southeast customers rely on their air conditioners to keep cool and comfortable all summer long, but what happens when your unit keeps shutting off? Here are some signs to watch out for and what you can do about them.

Why Air Conditioner Size Matters

When it comes to air conditioners, size matters. Unfortunately, an AC that’s too big or too small can make our customers in the Southeast suffer. Here’s what you need to know to buy a properly sized air conditioner.

Here's Why You Shouldn't Re-Use Disposable Filters

Have you ever wondered if you could save money by re-using your disposable HVAC filters in your Hayneville, Alabama, home? We've got several reasons that's a terrible idea. Re-using filters can damage them, cause unpleasant things to start growing in them, and detrimentally impact your IAQ. Resist the impulse, because in the long-run you won't be saving anything.