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Increase Your Air Conditioning Efficiency

July 11th was World Population Day – Let’s make the world more efficient As the world’s population continues to grow, we are continuing to think of ways to increase efficiency and reduce the number of wasted resources in our homes. There are several ways you can increase the air conditioning efficiency in your home, which […]

Sunroom Feel Like a Greenhouse? Try Ductless Air Conditioners

Your sunroom is the perfect place to visit with friends, drink your morning coffee or relax with a good book. Unfortunately, many times they start to feel like a greenhouse as the temperature rises and becomes unbearable. When your sunroom faces a temperature increase, it is time to look into ductless air conditioners. The perfect […]

How Does an Air Handler Work in Your Air Conditioner?

Learn more about this heating and cooling component As the HVAC industry advances, there are more and more innovations designed, manufactured and utilized in residential homes across the United States. One of those inventions is the air handler. Unfortunately, not all homeowners know what it is or what it does in an air conditioner. At […]

Troubleshooting Air Conditioner Problems

Summers are filled with sun, fun and plenty of outdoor activities. However, if you reside in the southeastern U.S., you need to take refuge from the unbearable heat, and the best place to do so is at home. Keep your family cool by troubleshooting air conditioner problems, saving yourself a headache and an inconvenient HVAC […]

Schedule Air Conditioning Service Before July 4th

AC Southeast has your summer fun and holiday celebrations covered! Before you invite friends and family over for a cookout and fireworks, schedule air conditioning service with a licensed HVAC professional. Nothing ruins the party more than an air conditioner calling it quits when the heat and humidity are at its highest. Air conditioning service […]

Air Conditioners Don’t Get a Summer Vacation

We expect great things from our air conditioners in the south. They provide increased comfort, controlled humidity, and an escape from the demanding summer sun. Even though we enjoy blissful summer vacations, that doesn’t mean our air conditioners get a break. Incorporating these methods with air conditioners will prolong their life and keep them running […]

Tips to Keep Your AC Compressor Running Efficiently

There are many reasons why your air conditioner suddenly stops working, and fortunately, they aren’t all expensive to repair. A loose wire might be the problem, causing a power failure, or the filter might be clogged, restricting healthy airflow to your system. However, there is a vital component that can be the cause of your […]

It’s Not the Heat, It’s the Humidity!

Summer weather can be a struggle to deal with, and you can experience increased comfort in your home without lowering your thermostat. Humidity plays a huge role in how cool you feel, plus it contributes to poor indoor air quality in your home. Air conditioners help reduce the humidity levels in a home during the […]

Hot Spots in the House? Try Ductless Air Conditioning!

Older HVAC systems or homes with new additions experience issues with hot spots and inconsistent cooling. Some homeowners might consider installing window air conditioning units to cool a new space or prevent hot spots in a home. However, there is a better solution, and its name is ductless air conditioning! Discover why window air conditioners […]

Air Conditioners Can Help with Summer Allergies

In our part of the country, the warm climate allows flowers to bloom year-round. However, it also means year-round issues with pollen and allergies. If you, or your loved ones experience allergies or asthma issues, there are ways to control allergens in your home. Air conditioners can reduce and control the number of allergens floating […]