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Hosting Friends and Family? Make Sure Your Home is Cool and Comfortable

Spring is a time for lots of get-togethers and celebrations, such as baby showers, bridal showers, graduations, Mother’s Day and Memorial Day. Your home will experience an influx of friends and family during this busy time, which can affect your home’s temperature and comfort level. AC Southeast is standing by, ready to help you by […]

Meaningful HVAC Mother’s Day Gifts

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate your mother and thank her for her unconditional love and support throughout your life. Instead of giving her the traditional potted plant and taking her to brunch, why not do something more special this year? Give her an ongoing gift with an HVAC service plan. Air conditioning maintenance […]

May the 4th Be With You and Your Air Conditioning

Whether you are a Star Wars fan or not, “May the Fourth be with you” this spring as the temperatures start to climb and humidity runs amuck. It can be challenging to find the ideal climate for your home. There are several factors affecting your ideal humidity level, perfect temperature setting and the health of […]

Seasonal Allergies Kicking into High Gear

Spring cleaning circulates dust, dirt and other debris around your home. With indoor allergens affecting your health, your home is no longer a safe zone, resulting in itchy eyes, sneezing and coughing. More debris reduces your air conditioner’s airflow and compromises its energy efficiency. Contact an AC Southeast dealer to get a handle on your […]

Are You a Snowbird? Take Steps to Keep Your Nest the Best!

Traveling frequently and for long periods of time prevents you from keeping your heating and cooling system in check on a daily basis. Humidity fluctuates as the temperatures rise, which can compromise your indoor comfort. Sustaining ideal humidity levels increases the performance of your heating and cooling equipment and your comfort. Schedule your heating and […]

Let Smart Thermostats Give Your HVAC a Spring Break

Spring break and vacations are here, which means your heating and cooling system needs maintenance and a dependable thermostat to deal with the fluctuating temperatures. Aside from preventative maintenance on your unit, you can also adjust your thermostat settings or upgrade to a smart thermostat to boost your system’s energy efficiency. Whether you are staying […]

Can Your HVAC System Handle the “Lions” and “Lambs” of March?

March has fluctuating temperatures throughout the United States, which generates discussions whether March is coming  “in like a lion, out like a lamb,”or vice versa. Regularly scheduled maintenance on your system keeps your equipment functioning even when the temperature dips and spikes. Make sure your system is ready to handle the seasonal swings of March […]

Don’t Let the Ides of March Foretell an HVAC Crash

Superstitions of the Ides of March notwithstanding, no one wants to get blindsided by a heating and cooling system breaking down. AC Southeast knows the struggles your heating and cooling system experiences during March and that technicians can keep your system running smoothly no matter the weather. We offer HVAC service to keep your system […]

Keep New Year’s Resolutions on Track By Checking off these HVAC To-Dos

Whether you struggle to fulfill your resolutions every year or not, with our HVAC to-dos you can take pride knowing your HVAC system is operating flawlessly and your indoor atmosphere is healthy for you and your loved ones. AC Southeast will help you achieve at least a few of your New Year’s resolutions this year! […]

How Zoning for Ductless Systems Works

When you want to achieve total control over heating and cooling in each part of your Mobile, Alabama, home, a multi-zone ductless system is a smart solution. Learn how zoning for ductless systems works and find out whether this type of system setup is ideal for your home. Install Just One Outdoor Compressor Unit One […]