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Use Your Heating and Air to Fight Fall Allergies

Fall Allergies are in Full Swing Most people unaffected by seasonal allergies may assume they’re a spring problem. The rest of us know fall allergies are no less irritating than spring ones. The most common allergy triggers in the fall are ragweed, mold and dust. Good news! You can use your heating and air system […]

Schedule Your Heating and Air Service Now

It’s Time for a Check Up! Fall is right around the corner, which means colder weather and rain. Make sure your heating and air system is serviced before the temperature drastically drops. Routine maintenance allows a heating and air expert to inspect and clean your heating system and your air conditioning unit. Your cooling system […]

How Do I Know My Heat Pump Needs Service?

How to Maintain this Furnace and Air Conditioner Alternative Maintenance on your heat pump is essential to keeping it operating effectively throughout the year. The best practice is to schedule maintenance at the beginning of summer and winter. These tune-ups will boost efficiency. Heat pumps provide cool air during the summer months and warm air […]

Prevent Unexpected HVAC Repairs

Have You Joined a Service Plan Yet? Summer is a busy time for outdoor activities, parties and relaxing before the kids return to school and chaos enters your life again. It’s easy to forget to prep your heating system before the temperature drops outside. Lapsed maintenance on your furnace or heat pump increases the risk […]

Celebrate HVAC Contractors this Labor Day

It’s Not Just Time on the Water and Cookouts Labor Day isn’t just the end of summer and the start of school. It goes beyond the rules of fashion and when you can wear white. Here at AC Southeast, we recognize and celebrate HVAC contractors across the nation. They are a dedicated group of people […]

Lawn Care Hints for Your AC Compressor

Summer Rains May Mean Your Lawnmower is Working Overtime Heat and humidity aren’t the only things to force your air conditioning unit to operate harder. Summer rains cause your grass and other vegetation to grow faster, which means you are mowing your lawn more often. The grass clippings may seem small, except they can cause […]

Blocking the Sun – The First Air Conditioning

The Venetian Blind Was Patented on August 21, 1841 177 years ago today, John Hampton of New Orleans patented a device to change the angle of the slats on “Venetian” blinds. Although he didn’t invent air conditioning, he created a way to cool a home or business using this remarkable innovation. People were able to […]

Brain Fog? It May Be Your Air Conditioning

When Temperatures Distract, People Make More Errors Homes and businesses both experience productivity issues when the air conditioning is too cold. When employees aren’t comfortable, they struggle to work efficiently, and costly mistakes increase. In a house, you or your family may struggle to get chores done or feel motivated if the temperatures aren’t right. […]

Baby-Proof Your Air Conditioning

Bring Your Little One Home to Optimal Air Quality A new baby is a reason to celebrate and worry at the same time. Safety is the main concern before any baby is brought home. Baby-proofing your house covers more than just outlet covers. Your home’s comfort levels and indoor air quality affect the health and […]

Save Air Conditioning Costs When You Install a Ductless Unit

Empty Nesters, Listen Up! Just because your kids aren’t home anymore doesn’t mean you should close vents and shut doors in unoccupied rooms. It is a myth closing off areas of a home saves air conditioning costs. It actually costs you more in the end. Your air conditioner was installed with your home’s specific capacity […]